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May 6, 2015 – 6:54 pm |

Thanks to the sponsors of our first ever Eat Local Challenge – where individuals and teams around New Zealand ate food grown and sourced within a 200 km radius for the 30 days of April. …

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Sam RB’s song Stand Tall song chosen as official anthem for the NZ Olympic Team

April 18, 2012 – 4:36 pm |

March 18, 2012
Standing tall alongside Sam RB
The Mental Health Foundation congratulates Sam RB on having her song Stand Tall made into the official anthem of the New Zealand Olympic team.
Sam is a former Like …

Alastair Riddell (Space Waltz) to premiere his first short film “The Last Stop”

April 18, 2012 – 4:26 pm | One Comment

Submitted by: Vanessa Cohen-Riddell, Little Red Hen Pictures
Alastair Riddell (Space Waltz) is to premiere his first short film “THE LAST STOP”; a film made specifically for entry in Ridley Scott’s new online “Your Film Festival”.
Singer/songwriter …

Conscious Consumers organise second nationwide Carrotmob in Auckland, Wellington and Hamilton

April 17, 2012 – 2:11 pm |

Greetings from the National Office of Conscious ConsumersLast April Conscious Consumers organised New Zealand’s very first Carrotmob at Memphis Belle café, Wellington. A Carrotmob is an event which involves consumers mass-purchasing from a business that …

Book Review: Find It Eat It by Michael Daly

April 16, 2012 – 7:26 pm |

First off, I think it’s best that you know – this book was written by one of those ‘follow your dreams types’.  In other words, he’s one of us!
Michael Daly is a fully trained Chef …

Bike the Trail returns this Sunday in Hutt Valley

April 16, 2012 – 3:53 pm |

Bike the Trail returns this Sunday
After having to postpone the original event during March’s “weather bomb”, Hutt Valley’s largest cycling event, Bike the Trail, will be making a return this Sunday.
The event, which takes place …

Nelson Pine Industries Limited is on the finalists’ shortlist for this year’s EECA Awards.

April 16, 2012 – 3:49 pm |

Nelson Pine Industries Limited is on the finalists’ shortlist for this year’s EECA Awards.
Nelson Media
The awards are run annually by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority, which works to implement government strategies for energy efficiency, …

Kiwi Changemakers: Meet Tyson Paul of Northland and Julia Bradshaw of Hokitika

April 15, 2012 – 10:08 pm |

Tyson Paul

Part of the ReGeneration Roadtrip project;
“My names Tyson Paul, I’m a student at Te Rawhitiroa. I’m 16 years young, I play a lot of sports and do poetry only as a hobby for now. …

Three Easy Steps to becoming a voluntary paying member of Happyzine!

April 15, 2012 – 9:57 pm |
Three Easy Steps to becoming a voluntary paying member of Happyzine!

1.  Take one Happyzine account number: 38-9006-0747456-00.
2.  Set up a regular (weekly/monthly/annual) payment of what-ever-amount-you-can-afford to Happyzine – using the internet/phone/or old fashioned face to face method.
3.  Email charlotte@happyzine.co.nz and tell her you’re now a …

New Zealand’s most successful complementary currency HANDS release comprehensive ebook guide

April 13, 2012 – 5:12 pm |

Local Good News Report by Charlotte Squire.
Scroll down to meet our awesome Golden Bay sponsors.
Starting up an alternative currency in your community? It’s a great idea, but will it fly? Perhaps so with some serious …

Nelson all-girl Johnny Cash invited to major US festival

April 13, 2012 – 2:56 pm |

Nelson Media
The world’s first and only all-girl Johnny Cash band, Nelson based The Johnnys, are off to California to the fourth annual Johnny Cash Music Festival in Ventura in June.
Vocalist and lead guitarist Suzi Fray …

Creative Wellingtonians Combine Art and Technology to Help Communities Overseas

April 13, 2012 – 9:42 am |

Creative Wellingtonians Combine Art and Technology to Help Communities Overseas
Concerned Citizens, a Wellington-based creative community of more than 80 artists and musicians, have announced the opening of a cutting edge “Open …

The Real Value of Community

April 11, 2012 – 4:50 pm |

By Hannah Mackintosh of elevenhoursahead
I recently got into an argument with my father about the importance of community and whether building community should be a responsibility of councils and government. My argument was that yes, …

The ‘Stressless’ Workout – Revitalise your Wellbeing

April 11, 2012 – 4:35 pm |
The ‘Stressless’ Workout – Revitalise your Wellbeing

With Philippa Ross of Cherish Wellbeing
Cultivate a sustainable happy, healthy, balanced lifestyle
Part One – Saturday 21st April – 9.30 am – 2.00 pm
 Reveal the value of your true nature. Disperse your energy into seven key …

Check out the Easter Bunny’s post-indulgence raw Greens Smoothie – from Sarah Lea

April 10, 2012 – 8:09 pm | One Comment

Summer’s arrived just in time for Easter and we’ve welcomed it with boundless energy.
Easter’s a time for bunnies and eggs. Symbols of rebirth in the name of Oestre, the Goddess of fertility, but here in …

Shifting Thinking Workshop, Wellington, for people with a passion for education

April 10, 2012 – 4:40 pm |

NZCER invites you to step into the Shifting Thinking Workshop space in Wellington in May. The Workshop is for anyone with a connection to education, including teachers, tutors, leaders, people working in youth development, policy makers and anyone interested …

Health Insurance for Your Well-Being

April 10, 2012 – 1:48 pm |
Health Insurance for Your Well-Being

Health Insurance for Your Well-Being – by Paul Smetana
Are you having an interesting life or just going through the motions?  Will you wake up tomorrow to dully start all over again, knowing that you’ve done …

Guy Ryan and Inspiring Stories Trust aim to inspire young people tonight at Victory Community Centre

April 10, 2012 – 1:40 pm |

Media release:  Inspiring Stories
The Inspiring Stories Trust, a not-for-profit organization focused on spreading change through the power of storytelling, is launching this Tuesday in Nelson a nationwide project that includes film screenings and filmmaking workshops …

Win a pack of delicious healthy and allergy friendly Eat Right Foods!

April 6, 2012 – 8:52 pm |

Have you come across Eat Right foods yet?  They say they’re ‘Healthy and Allergy Friendly Foods’.  And it’s true.  They are … and they’re so much more, I’ll just add in: ‘decadent, moreish, yummy, feel …

Solar panels in a cow paddock feed power to the grid from sunny Golden Bay

April 6, 2012 – 8:46 pm | 3 Comments

Golden Bay: Weekly Good News Report
Scroll down to meet our awesome Golden Bay sponsors.
By Charlotte Squire
I’m standing in a cow paddock in Golden Bay gazing at twenty eight solar panels in permanent salute to the …

Betzavta (together) training, in Golden Bay with Dorothea Schütze – Democratic Education consultant

April 6, 2012 – 2:31 pm |

Dorothea Schütze, an education consultant from Germany, is facilitating a three-day workshop on Betzavta (together) training, in Golden Bay. She is currently visiting New Zealand and has agreed to come and run this workshop for …