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365 Days of Fun and Chillaxation As I Raise My Son and Grow My Good News Website – Blog#9

Submitted by on April 24, 2010 – 9:39 pm 2 Comments

A wheat free chocolate zuchini cake that I made for Clair Fone's birthday today, the sour snakes (which have wheat in them strangely enough) are her dreadlocks - there is very little resemblence btwn Clair and this cake. Happy 30th Birthday Clair!

So I’m nine days into my 365 days of Fun and Chillaxation (whilst raising my son and growing my site to a subscription base of 100,000, yeah!) and I’m looking back fondly at Week One’s progress. Yes.  It had it’s challenging moments. But life does sometimes, doesn’t it? Overall I found that having this blog to plan and scheme for helped keep my focus up in the realms of joy, humour and looking-forward-ness.

I’ve been plotting, I aim to involve as many members of the Golden Bay community as possible in this blog – we’re talking video cameras, dance and the wondours element of surprise … Hee hee. It’s gonna be fun(ny).

You know what? I realise that I’m doing amazingly well. I most definitely am feeling happier, and lighter.  And because I feel better, my Happyzine work flows easier – I’m becoming more focused and effective. Ha!  My theory is proving correct.  Though I must test it for an entire year to be sure.  We in the social research field call this a ‘longitudinal study’.  Others just call this a blog.

One major contributing factor – the social life here is GREAT. The people. They’re so beautiful! They visit me daily. And I love it. It totally meets my need to feel part of a community. Plus, another really curious thing that’s happening to me is I’m clearly realising what it takes for me to feel secure and happy in myself regardless of whether I’m alone, or around others. Each of us have our own unique (sometimes quirky) requirements when it comes to making ourselves happy – me, I currently have a need to NEST – this involves wild and abandoned baking sessions (any one want some gluten free anzac biscuits with raisins?), loosing myself with juicy, intense novels, cleaning (not usually a strong point of mine), taking hot lavender baths, cuddling my delicious son, pottering away at Happyzine and writing. I’m also going for runs and answering the call of the beach.

Tim Shadbolt (Mayor of Invercargille) once said to me that there’s something special about the place where the earth meets the sea – he said it’s a place of letting go, thanks to the negative ions. I dig those negative ions! Especially when I throw some karate kicks and punches in there, with a few guttural yells as well. It all helps.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes with Happyzine, there are schemes a hatch’n. Oh yes. There’s a nice little competition on the horizon and it’s gonna bring bright-shining-hope to an otherwise challenging environmental issue we’re currently facing in New Zealand. I’ll give you a hint: design.

Today my favourite moments took place this morning at a garage sale.  We met some ferociously enthusiastic women “Hey you! You’re not getting out this door without buying this dish-set too!” and I enjoyed watching my gorgeous friend Fi earnestly discussing indoor shrubbery with a gentile old lady … it was like Janice Joplin meets Ena Sharples from Coronation Street.

Today’s rating: 8/10

So my first week’s average rating was: 7.7/10

Where ever you are, what ever you’re doing, I wish you a loving relationship with your very own heart – because such happiness leads to fabulous health and general well-being.  It really does. Trust me.

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  • Katya says:

    Charlotte I can vouch for the negative irons as I live right on that place where the earth meets the sea and I am constantly letting go..but I think you will find they are ions not irons 😉 anyway, glad you reminded me, I need to borrow an iron as I am lining my curtains for winter, do you have one? I presume you mean Fi resembled Janis and not Ena or you might have to run faster;-) Thanks for making me laugh, good start to the day!m Loved your cake too – very creative and fun!

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  • Charlotte says:

    Thanks so much for your comments Kat! It’s lovely to know at least one person’s reading my blog! Yes, about the ‘irons’ I left it in there as a joke (one I was sharing with myself) and forgot to go google how to spell ‘ion’ – which is the correct way to spell it by the way. Anyway, I’ve corrected it now, thanks for the tip. And no, I no longer own an iron.

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