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365 Days of Fun and Chillaxation – Blog#35 – Emotional Sustainability

Submitted by on May 20, 2010 – 6:46 pm

(While I raise my son and grow my good news website)

Today’s recommended music as you read this blog: Beautiful Day, U2 (See below)

I’m a fiery and charismatic person who needs to express her emotions often.  For those who get what I’m saying here – I’m a Leo (with five planets in Leo) Fire Dragon.  So it’s fire, fire, fire.  Us fiery types need to let go, often.  I’m down with this.  As in, I’m more and more comfortable with the fact that this is simply who I am.  As far as I’m concerned it’s OK to cry as often as I need to, or to laugh or sigh, yawn, whatever.  Crying is a form of release – of tension, toxins, emotions.  Crying’s our body’s way of remaining healthy and well, we’re hard wired to release emotion as a way of cleansing our system..  As children, we do it freely, until we’re trained not to, which is a great pity.  When we don’t allow and lovingly support our tamariki (Maori word for children) to express their emotions, they tend to get sick.  Some say a cold is unexpressed tears.  And nothing changes as we grow older – it’s not like we suddenly become robots, with very few emotional needs, but the way we all act in this industrialized, nine to five work-based culture, you’d think something drastically robotty had happened to us all.  You’d think someone had pressed the stop button on our tears and feelings, or perhaps the pause button.  Only thing is, we do keep feeling, we really do.  We all feel – dogs feel, new born babies feel, elderly people feel.  And we all need to have a good cry sometimes.  Do you know what happens when we don’t release unhappy emotions?  They store in cells in our bodies and manifest physically and mentally in a variety of illnesses such as cancer and depression.  Do you know what happens when we honor our feelings by feeling them and releasing them?  We remain clear, happy and healthy.  It’s so simple, and so true!   This all may sound a little weird to some people, but actually, this is a highly intelligent way of managing our humanness.  To me, taking drugs to suppress an illness is an act of stupidity, and totally unnecessary.  I mean why go there, when our bodies are designed to heal given a little time and respect?  They honestly will.
The reason I say all this is because today I found myself at the beach, watching my naked son careering through the sand-pools and my dog chasing the stick I was automatically throwing, with tears rolling down my face.  I’m talking waterfalls. For once, though I’ve been trained to turn them on and off (that’s another story), I couldn’t stop them from coming and I realised that I felt deeply sad that the two people who had believed in me the most, had both finally died.  So I stood there, shoulders quaking with emotion and let myself cry … like a grown up should.  Is it ironic that in that moment, in the very freedom of allowing myself to truly feel the grief of letting go, I felt right, and that today’s best moment was that moment?  I mean, this true expression of emotion, felt so right in my heart that nothing else could rival it.
Things have been quite challenging for me on the Happyzine front as the perfect storm has erupted: the death of loved one and nearly buggered lap-top.  Plus throw in a little relentless parenting with very little space for myself, moving towns, and a dog that suddenly develops a Houndini escape artist habit, and you’ve got the recipe for a good old fashioned melt-down.  When I can’t chip away at my other baby – Happyzine – I find myself deeply irked, not to mention a little scared.  How will I provide for my family if I can’t see this project through to success?  I do know that everything unfolds as it should and that if we can be kind to ourselves, and gentle, things do eventually work-out.  But, yeah, lately I’ve felt some stress.
The other beautiful expression of emotion is art and creativity.  It’s the natural expression of our joys, sorrows, questions, ironies, humour and general emotion.  What I like about art is that you can get away with expressing anything, in the name of art.  And you’re not labeled ’emotional’ (is if it’s a bad thing, ha ha ha ha ha!), no, you’re an artist.  So create my friends, create! And cry deeply occasionally, and laugh from your belly.  Because this is what it is to be human.  No rules, only your truth.
Today’s rating: 7/10

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365 Days of Fun and Chillaxation (as I raise my gorgeous son and grow my good news website to a subscription base of 100,000 people).  The Low Down on this Blog.

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