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365 Days of Fun and Chillaxation – Blog#62 – Determination, Patience and a Lap-Top

Submitted by on June 16, 2010 – 5:20 pm

I'm practising the patience of a zen monk with my lap-top

I’m looking forward to the day when going on-line and working on Happyzine shall once again be a walk in the park because I own a healthy computer.  At present I encounter an array of interesting, patience testing obstacles to access my online world.   I mean, in the grand scheme of things they’re not that bad (at least I’ve got all my fingers, I know how to touch type,  I own an actual computer and oh, I’ve got a really nice pumpkin baking in the oven but that’s not related to this blog is it?), but at present, in order to actually get online, I have to make sure my gorgeous toddler’s happy (which is a given, though not always straight forward), then, when I get out my lap-top and turn it on, ninety percent of the time this strange white light covers the whole desk-top so that I can’t see a thing.  Hmmm .. white light … what do you think this really means ….? So when this happens I can’t do a thing on the computer.  This can be irksome for she who seeks to run a good news website and use the internet to promote all manner of exciting concepts and events.  The strange white light will sometimes (but not always) fall away if I jiggle the screen.  At which point I gasp, look around protectively and type for my life.  Mostly though, there are days when I’m sure my arm muscles are buffing up due to all the pumping back and forth of the screen in the hope that the white light will go.  So after vigorous pumping back and forth of the screen, such as today, often I just can’t seem to get it going, so I turn reluctantly to my back-up option: my generous flat mate’s lap top.  Her computer has its own fickle requirements.  It likes to drop off line (we’re on wireless) randomly, and often.  So I will occasionally loose stuff I’ve written in an email or blog.  It’s like having twins – and one’s teething and one’s gut a gassy tummy (only not like having twins at all because having twins would be far more challenging).  Oh well, at least the plan B computer’s on-line  right now.  Some days I long to throw my lap top on the road and drive back and forth over it.  But I have absolutely no back up at present, so I must hang in there until the next opportunity appears.  This will come in the form of either an actual computer or the money to buy a computer [anyone want to A) pre-buy my e-book b) go on a positive writing course c) sponsor a green energy design competition d) advertise on Happyzine?]


That is my current challenge.  I enjoy the discipline required to remain patient and kind with my lap-top.  And in reality I wouldn’t really throw it on the street as that would be littering and I’d have to clean it all up afterwards.  Also, it could give me a flat tier.  Which would be a bummer.

If any readers would like to give me their spare lap (the one that’s gathering dust) I will thank them every day for the rest of this 365 day blog.  Barring the spontaneous and generous offering of a lap-top, I shall continue on with my determined mission to fight my way online every-day.  Because, you’re worth it, yes you are.

And running Happyzine feels good.

Today’s rating: 8/10

PS was this my feel good activity for the day?  Yes.  I enjoyed venting.  Also I just wanted to let you know that if don’t appear online at some point, this is what’s going on.  Though having said that, I would find a way!  Oh yes! I would! 

PPS we’re now up to over 800 subscribers and I’m wondering how to celebrate the 1000 subscribers occasion.  Any suggestions?

365 Days of Fun and Chillaxation (as I raise my gorgeous son and  grow my good news website to a subscription base of 100,000 people).  The Low Down on this Blog.

Check out yesterday’s blog.

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