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May 3, 2016 – 8:21 am |

Denmark is leading the world with wind technology and is a great country for New Zealand to look to for inspiration as we move towards a fossil fuel free world.
Denmark is working steadily towards becoming …

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Wondrous Wednesday: What are you thankful for today?

September 2, 2015 – 5:30 pm |

By Charlotte Squire
Sometimes before I go to sleep at night I like to ponder the things I’m grateful for in my life, because then I will have started my dream time off with nourishing thoughts. …

#LiveForTomorrow photo challenge on

September 2, 2015 – 10:03 am |

  Man, I have come a long way. A very long time ago when I was at university I felt scarily lost and alone and I couldn’t seem to find a way forward. I experienced depression …

Cultivate positive expectations for your week Kiwis!

August 31, 2015 – 4:00 am |

What sort of week would you like to have? Remember: attitude is one thing you can control, so focus on what you want rather than that stuff that ain’t going so well, give thanks for …

Inspiring people invited to apply for funds to do their thing

July 31, 2015 – 4:00 am |

New Zealanders are well known for their Kiwi can-do approach to life and even with a population of just 4.4 million people, the likes of Lorde, Lydia Ko and Peter Jackson go to show what amazing accomplishments …

Creative peeps invited to design teeshirt for Koru Enterprises and Happiness Experiment

July 27, 2015 – 8:21 pm |

The Happiness Experiment is teaming up with Louise from Koru Enterprises and we are looking for creative peeps to design a fresh and funky tee-shirt!#designTHEtshirt It can be any colour or style, as long as THE …

Ten questions with Happiness Experiment founder and Kiwi: Tamara Waugh

July 27, 2015 – 11:10 am |

What is The Happiness Experiment?
The Happiness Experiment is all about empowering people into extraordinary action. We promote positive change challenges for our audience to engage in, the power of gratitude through the practice of #3goodthings, inform with news …

A rave to start your day?

June 5, 2014 – 11:04 am |

What gets you out of bed in the morning?
Some mornings it’s hard to get out of bed even with a 2 year old jumping up and down on my head. As the sun lights the …

Free hugs one man’s mission in life

April 13, 2014 – 9:16 pm |

Sometimes, a hug is all that we need. Free Hugs is the real life controversial story of Juan Mann, a man whose sole mission was to reach out and hug a stranger, and put a smile on …

Happiness is accepting that we’re not always happy

January 3, 2014 – 12:12 pm | One Comment

The self love series
I’m Charlotte and I run this Kiwi good news website Happyzine and I would just like to officially announce, boys and girls, I am no way happy all the time.  Due to …

Ten simple stress relieving tips for the festive season

December 16, 2013 – 6:35 pm |

From the team at the Herb Farm, Palmerston North.
They are New Zealand’s first family of herbal healing and live in an environment of green acres, birdsong and the sound of the wind in the trees.   Their …

Nature Space clocks 200 restoration groups

December 13, 2013 – 6:45 pm |

Press Release: Department of Conservation
The number of community restoration groups registered with the Nature Space website has doubled in the last year. The site allows individuals and groups undertaking ecological restoration to promote projects, record …

Almighty Optimism : Findings from the Nun Study

June 18, 2013 – 8:16 am | 3 Comments

By Jill Hayhurst
Happiness is a tricky thing. It’s hard to define, yet people generally want it, and work really hard to get it. Research suggests that people are also notoriously terrible at predicting what will actually make …

Catching Rainbows

May 31, 2013 – 10:39 am |

Mike and Claire from Blockhouse Bay took this photo on Whatipu Beach, Auckland after a storm this week:
“This rainbow was such a blessing. We had no idea how long the rainstorm we were caught in …

Turning dreams into reality – Part 2 – How a clear, detailed vision will help you get there, by Simon Jones

May 27, 2012 – 7:39 pm |

Kia Ora!   Last time I talked about how all that we experienced as young ‘uns still has a strong unconscious influence on our lives in the present. In order to turn one’s dream into a …

New research shows how to increase mental wellbeing and feel happy

May 20, 2012 – 9:07 pm |

Victoria University
News Stories
Research shows how to increase mental wellbeing and feel happy
Published 17 May 2012
Why is it that some people seem to waltz through life in a bubble of happiness, when for others each …

Turning dreams into reality: understanding how your brain works could help!

May 17, 2012 – 10:10 am | One Comment

TURNING DREAMS INTO REALITY: understanding how your brain works could help!
 By Simon Parkinson-Jones

Do  you have a dream or vision of something you want to accomplish in life?  A new business, taking a year off to …

What’s the cornerstone of a successful life? Feeling good.

January 20, 2012 – 9:25 pm |

By Paul Smetana
We need it for our Socio-Economics, our health,wealth, and self esteem. It’s vitally important for our relationships, social, business, work, and career. In the area of creativity, competition, and Intelligence IQ, it’s …

Joy and embarrassment – by Paul Smetana

January 16, 2012 – 8:44 pm | One Comment

It seems to me that there are some misgivings about appearing happy and filled with joy in public. Its as if to do so is to show yourself as slightly crazy, and so we might …

An Ode to Joy by Paul Smetana

January 8, 2012 – 9:49 pm | 2 Comments

I recently remembered an interesting thing about contracting Alzheimer’s.  Shock can produce it! But Why? Why can shock cause Alzheimer’s?
Then it came to me in a flash. Let me explain what came to me. Our …

The benefits of doing nothing and taking time out for yourself these holidays – by Joel Le Blanc

December 30, 2011 – 6:47 pm |

The holidays are a strange season. The very word implies that people are doing just that — holidaying. However, if you are like many others, you probably end up busier and more stressed out during …

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