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Kea Group!

Need to start your days with a sweet helping of positivity?

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  •  Start your day with some goodness – get Happyzine’s latest positive news fresh each morning in our thriving Facebook group.

  • Get daily reminders to focus on the positive.

  • Join a growing group of optimistic, New Zealand based Happyzine readers who are noticing the awesome power of positive focus. 

  • Watch your life unfold into a good news story.

“Happiness is an advantage, and the precursor to greater success. Every single relationship, business and educational outcome improves when the brain is positive first,”  Shawn Achor, happiness researcher.


The Happyzine Kea Group is for people who believe in their birth right to be happy, to feel connected to each other, and to tread lovingly on the planet.



“Great for a positivity burst, lots of wonderful sharing and awesome inspiring speakers – thank you Charlotte!” Tess Windle James.


What is the Kea Group?

The Kea Group is a private Facebook group and thriving, supportive community where Happyzine readers hang out, receive fresh positive news each morning, get inspired each day, set and reach goals, hear from the occasional inspiring guest speaker, chat once a month, and support each other to focus on the positive in life. People are as involved as little or as much as they’d like to be.  It’s designed to fit around busy, or not so busy people’s lives.  Members are encouraged to cheer each other on, and share their own wisdom with each other.  Members also receive occasional spot prizes.

Who is leading the Kea Group?

Happyzine Kea Group is lead by Happyzine founder Charlotte Squire.  Charlotte has been Charlotte Squire 2running the positive news website Happyzine for eight years.  She is a writer, musician and entrepreneur. She first discovered the power of positive focus a decade ago and has been proving anything is possible ever since in her own life – from love, family and relationships, to ‘things’, finance and career.  While not all dreams come easy, she says there’s always a way to realise them, when we’re ready. She has lead many online courses for people who are making a positive difference for the planet, our people, and on a more personal level.  She continues to believe passionately in the power of each person to live a joyful, meaningful life. Charlotte lives in Golden Bay, New Zealand with her family, where she counts herself lucky to be part of a close knit community.

“Charlotte created a cool community who supported each other to think big, and to start now,” Leanna Starr Dey, 2015.

“Like a virtual sharing-circle of kind support, inspiration, motivation, and practical resources for embracing positivity in the real world,” Alice Taylor.


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 Subjects we will be focusing on this year – 

  • Mindfulness

  • Gratitude

  • Positive focus

  • Healthy eating

  • Physical fitness

  • Love and relationships

  • Wealth and abundance

  • Ethical, sustainable business management

  • Positive stress management

  • Living a happy life!

“Happyzine inspires personal and community evolution with the power of positivity,” Guinevere Wilde.


“The amount of support and encouragement and feedback and inspiration received was way beyond my expectations and I have definitely grown and strengthened because of it. Absolutely highly recommended,” Kim Wessels. 



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Join the Kea Group


“This journey has been inspirational and the best part about it as it is still happening – everyone that I have met in this group has just seemed to click with each other and we have this kind of bond that you couldn’t create it is just there and it is so special it makes me feel good to be alive,” Kath Bryan.


Email: for more information.

Kea Group is part of Club Happyzine

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Join the Kea Group

“The Kea Group keeps me in the zone of positively looking at life, it recharges me everyday, and knowing that there are others walking this same path is a tonic in my wonderfilled life,” Francisca Griffin, Dunedin.

“The Kea Group connects me with some lovely people who are focused on creating more positiveness in the world too,” Claire Webster, Takaka.

“The Happyzine Kea group makes my heart smile,” Tess James, Takaka.

“It’s motivating and inspiring and uplifting,” Kim Wessels, Takaka

“The Kea Group allows me to feel that I can do anything if I put my mind to it by giving me a regular dose of the positive vibe whilst allowing me to both share things that matter to me with a great supportive bunch of new friends and at the same time giving me the chance to make wonderful new friendships,” Kath Bryan, Fielding.

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Yep, these are the kinds of goodies that can turn up in your letter box when you’re a member of Happyzine.





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