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November 1, 2016 – 7:58 am |

Happyzine has been sold! More information soon …
Ever thought about running a good news website? Here’s your chance.
Happyzine.co.nz has been a force for the positive for the last nine years in New Zealand, sharing good …

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Letting Space: I Want Your Trash

September 6, 2010 – 12:00 pm |

Yealands Estate Wines Looking for ‘Art on a Bottle’

August 31, 2010 – 8:35 pm |

Media Release
31 August 2010
Yealands Estate Wines looking for ‘Art on a Bottle’
Sponsors of the Yealands Estate Marlborough Art Gallery – Yealands Estate Wines and The Marlborough Art Society would like to announce the first year …

Green Artist Host’s Exhibition at Nelson’s Organic Shop – Q & A With Dave Kingan

July 9, 2010 – 6:31 pm |

1.  What’s drawn you into art?

I’ve loved painting and drawing for as long as I can remeber. Its part of my spirit, I just have to do it. I love being able to invent or …

Unique Art Auction to Raise Money for Mental Health Foundation

June 17, 2010 – 11:04 pm |

For the third year in a row artists from the New Zealand Art Guild are joining forces to raise money and awareness for the Mental Health Foundation through a unique charity art project and auction.
On …

365 Days of Fun and Chillaxation – Blog#58 – The Buckminster Fuller Institute

June 12, 2010 – 9:18 pm |

www.inhabitat.com is my favourite website.  Full stop.  I can’t check out their weekly newsletter without feeling 100% pure hope.  They’ve just announced the winners of the Buckminster Fuller Institute 2010 Challenge (who wins US$100,000. I …

Kai to Pie – Auckland on a Plate Opens

May 29, 2010 – 8:15 pm |

Auckland’s extraordinary wealth of people and cultures, its fertile abundance of land, sun and sea will be unveiled, all through the lens of food, in a new exhibition called Kai to Pie: Auckland on a …

Vote in the Twinings Online Short Film Festival and be in to win!

May 20, 2010 – 8:00 pm | One Comment

We gave budding filmmakers the chance to submit their short film into the Twinings Online Short Film Festival. All we asked was that their film was between 90 seconds and 5 minutes long and included …

Artist Says There is Such a Thing as a Free Lunch

May 13, 2010 – 7:25 pm |

Artist says there is such a thing as a free lunch
News Release for immediate release May 13th 2010
You could end up with your lunch -or dinner- for free with the advent …

The Urban Dream Brokerage

April 30, 2010 – 11:46 am |

How could a vacant space – be it an apartment block, the floor of an office building, empty land or a retail space – be better used to provide a more vital inner-city?
On May 6 …

My Journey Towards a Passion for Eco-Fashion – By Jo Blundell

April 24, 2010 – 9:59 pm | 5 Comments

OK, so my passion for ‘eco’ doesn’t stop at fashion, but that’s pretty much where it began for me. I read an article a few years back on how fashion has become faster, clothes have …

Letting Space – “Making Dreams a Reality” – News from an Art and Property Project “Unearthing the Archive”

April 20, 2010 – 9:16 pm |

Join Popular Archeologist artist Dugal McKinnon and cocurator Mark Amery for a closer look at Popular Archeology this Friday lunchtime. Dugal will talk about the creation of the piece and its context as a sound …

Windowfarming – The New Veggie Garden

April 18, 2010 – 7:00 pm | One Comment

“Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? With hydroponics, tubes and pumps, and plastic bottles all in a row.”
Such is the idea of Britta Riley and Rebecca Fray, two New York artists who …

Letting Space – News from an Art and Property Project

April 17, 2010 – 11:20 am |

We’re in the countdown to our opening day on Saturday 5pm 141 Willis Street. Love to see you there. In the meantime here’s some fresh updates.
Dugal McKinnon’s Popular Archeology will operate …

Humour Works – by Pat Armitstead – Book Review

April 14, 2010 – 9:43 pm |

On the cover of this book it says: “Pat commits the cardinal management sin of spreading joy and making people smile …”.  Immediately after reading it, I found myself feeling cheeky and cheerful and naturally …

Letting Space “Making Dreams Reality” Fast-forward, Rewind – A new Public Art Project

April 12, 2010 – 3:54 pm |

News Release
The tape player, which went from a central portable musical device to redundant technology in the space of 27 years is being resurrected in Wellington’s Willis St for the art project Popular Archaeology. Audiences …

Q & A: Dialogues With Tomorrow

April 10, 2010 – 6:03 pm |

1.  What is Now Future?
Now Future is a partnership between Sophie Jerram and Dugal McKinnon. We aim to create and promote art projects that address fundamental and philosophical issues regarding human relationships with the planet, …

Pencil This One In – The Kiwi Diary

April 6, 2010 – 4:49 pm |

For years now I have been under the misconception that Greymouth and Greytown were indeed named for their eternal greyness – all rain and melancholy. But the 2010 Kiwi Diary informs me that they were …

Now Future: Dialogues With Tomorrow

April 2, 2010 – 1:19 pm |

Announcing Letting Space: A Major Art and Property Project

April 1, 2010 – 4:50 pm |

In a first-off for Wellington’s CBD, artists and property developers are working hand in hand to fill empty commercial sites through a new project, Letting Space.
This visual arts project, funded by Creative New Zealand and …

Bold New Art Genre and Fringe Event Receives Council Funding.

March 2, 2010 – 6:14 pm |

A surprising new locally born art genre is about to sneak into Nelson to celebrate the inner artist in everyone.  WASA!™ (Wild and Sneaky Art™) is Nelson’s new creative fringe festival “wild child” scheduled …

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