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November 1, 2016 – 7:58 am |

Happyzine has been sold! More information soon …
Ever thought about running a good news website? Here’s your chance.
Happyzine.co.nz has been a force for the positive for the last nine years in New Zealand, sharing good …

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Gollum and Family Zip into Queenstown

October 25, 2011 – 2:03 pm |

25 October 2011
Gollum and family zip into Queenstown
It was fun for all the family when Lord of the Rings and Hobbit actor Andy Serkis who plays Gollum/Smeagol zipped into Queenstown on Sunday (23 October) with …

Course – Raising & Educating Our Children Without Punishment or Rewards

May 3, 2011 – 5:34 pm |


Raising & Educating Our Children Without Punishment or Rewards
A Workshop presented by JUSTINE MOL from THE NETHERLANDS
for parents, grandparents, teachers & anyone working with children
Sunday, 8 May 2011, 9 am – 5 …

365 Days of Fun and Chillaxation – 360 – The First and Last Love Blog

April 24, 2011 – 9:58 pm | 6 Comments

So here we sit on blog 360.  360 days of finding the best part of each day to ponder, appreciate, and share with you.  There’s one aspect of my life I haven’t written about too …

365 Days of Fun and Chillaxation – 355 – The Kahikatea

April 18, 2011 – 5:00 pm | 2 Comments

Today I found myself surrounded in old native forest with some of my most favorite people.   As we walked deeper and deeper into the forest I felt myself absorbing the clean air and relaxing.
This is …

365 Days of Fun and Chillaxation – 340 – Breaking News: Mother Enjoys Peaceful Morning Run

April 3, 2011 – 4:56 pm |

Ahhh, the Golden Moments of life.  They’re often fleeting, deeply felt, joyous snippets of time that are extra special because we know they’ll never happen quite the same way again.  My most brilliant moments of …

365 Days of Fun and Chillaxation – Blog 254 – Lush Alivia Loves Whangarei

January 5, 2011 – 10:00 pm |

Check out Claire Chateau’s latest piece on Happyzine ‘Introducing Talents From My Whangarei community: A coffee with colourful Alivia Carrington-Hall.’
It’s an inspiring article about a young photographer from Claire’s hood – Whangarei.  I love the …

365 Days of Fun and Chillaxation – Blog 244 – Christmas Blessings to You, You and You

December 25, 2010 – 11:58 pm | 2 Comments

Where ever you are on this Christmas Day of 2010 I would like to send you a warm hug and a huge smile. You matter to me.  That might sound kind of cheesy, but you …

365 Days of Fun and Chillaxation – Blog 242 – The Spirit of Christmas Exists in my Hood

December 23, 2010 – 11:00 pm |

I’m feeling quite caught up in my three year old son’s excitement about Christmas.  We don’t have a TV and we live in the country so his joy isn’t really about presents and all that …

Ekodo: A Perfect Christmas

December 20, 2010 – 10:06 am | 2 Comments

By Sean Weaver
My childhood recollections of Christmas were of enchantment. In adulthood Christmas has become synonymous with angst.
As either the youngest sibling needing to suffer the reminders of never being permitted to have a legitimate …

365 Days of Fun and Chillaxation – Blog#159 – Whitebaiting Season in Aotearoa – Highly Entertaining

September 27, 2010 – 4:01 pm | One Comment

Kiwi school holidays! My little brother and his family have come to stay.  They rocked on up in their eighties style Land Rover which was just dripping in holiday paraphernalia.  We’re talking the kayak, the …

365 Days of Fun and Chillaxation – Blog#135 – For the Love of Family

September 2, 2010 – 6:00 pm |

I write this blog scrunched forward, squinting at the screen in my contact-lenseless state.  It’s been a chaotic day of family and animals, kind of exhausting, and heart-filling, all at once.  So first – here’s …

Just Another Day on the Farm

April 7, 2010 – 6:33 pm |

On the Sunday before Easter (28th March), my mother, granddaughter and I went on a family outing to a farm. This event was one of a number of similar farm open-days that were being held …

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