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August 31st, 2009

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Editor’s Comment:

Positive thinking has a huge role play when it comes to Charlotte Squire  environmental change – for New Zealand, and for the rest of the world.  We often hear how it can improve our personal lives, and last week I mentioned how that can ripple out to the health of our natural surroundings, but how about creating common visions for the landscapes we inhabit?  To call on one example, getting together within our home communities and deciding upon exciting visions for our local rivers, which we then focus upon as often as possible, is a powerful way to get the ball rolling.  Tools such as  visualisation, affirmation, vision boards, positive language, music, and inspiring art are great ways to move towards and create our dreams.  These methods are already used world-wide by olympic athletes, highly successful business people, and spiritual leaders, to name but a few.  These techniques create momentum, they create inspiration.  There’s nothing like excitment to speed things up – though when it comes to change, patience is a wonderful word to repeat over and over to one’s self!  Where does Happyzine come into this picture?  As New Zealand’s main source of positive news, I would love to present your visions for a healthy and thriving environment to our positive thinking community, so we can all get to work!  Here in New Zealand we’re blessed environmentally, one key reason that our land is so healthy is that we are a mere four million soul living here.  Lets not only keep it this way, but leave things better than the way we found them.  They say waterways are the veins of the land.  It’s time to work on a positive level to improve  the health of our waterways.  Got a vision for your local river?  Send it in. 

Charlotte Squire 
It’s Random Acts of Kindness Day here in New Hand MassageZealand tomorrow (September 1st).  You can participate in the smallest of ways simply by paying someone a compliment or making them a nice cup of tea.  Check out this article for the ‘Diary of a RAKer’ (Happyzine). 

And one week after that, we’re hoping that The Hour of Kindness will take place in Parliament.  NZ based celebrity comedian Te Radar thinks it’s a great idea, you can join him and record  your comment of support here.  Every comment (it can be anonymous) counts (Happyzine)!

Now this is amazing news, did you know that New Zealand ranks number one in a list of 140 countries?  Check out the ranking in the Global Peace Index here. 

And speaking of peace, a World Peace March is going to take place in September, starting here in peaceful Aotearoa.  The march starts in Wellington, more info
John Silverster does his fair share of marching too, he was walking around the Wellington coast recently when strong winds threatened to steal his beanie, thankfully, two fit women came to the rescue (Dominion Post).
Onto another important subject, chocolate – Cadbury has comitted to selling its chocolate under the Fair Trade logo by next Easter in New Zealand and Australia (People’s Times.com).

And now onto positive Maori news, the Auckland University of Technology is hosting a Maori Expo to entice more Maori to study at their campus. Top artists such as the Herbs, Cornerstone Roots and Che Fu will join the fun (NZ Herald)  

Prime Minister John Key has officially appologised on behalf of the crown to Te Arawa iwi and hapu for breaches of the Treaty of Waitangi.  There are hopes that the iwi and hapu can look forward to a strong future, having settled the past (NZ Herald).
Maori translation of Shakespeare’s famous Sonnet 18 was unveiled in London last week.  This is part of a celebration of the 400th aniversary of Shakespeare’s Sonnets (NZ Herald).
Good news on the political front – German politicians have created minature models of their perfect world, their utopia, and why not? (Spegiel Online).
Onto positive news about the environment – a

team of Australian and US researchers have created a new world record for the efficiency of solar cells (ABC Science).

Check out this amazing community farm in the Bronx, if they can do it there, we can do it anywhere! (Treehugger.com).


Finally, tributes have been paid to
Senator Ted Kennedy by green bloggers who appreciate the positive difference he made environmentally (Treehugger.com).



Got another five minutes, check out more good news at:

Fuel your lives up with the good-news and help us put Happyzine on the map (each time you click onto our site, we grow stronger).  Make Happyzine your homepage and access positive media each time you use the internet.   

How can we improve Happyzine for you?  Let us know – we appreciate all feedback. 

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