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Happyzine October 12th, 2009

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Editor’s Comment


Here’s an opportunity to give: This morning I listened with interest to the National Scary Washing MachineProgramme.  Mike Whittaker shared his impressions of the earthquake and the tsunami as it happend in Samoa while he was there.  Mike and his wife – Zana – were honey mooning there, thanks to the sale of their Scary Washing Machine (which caught public attention months ago during its auction on Trade Me).  Mike and Zana ended up running up into the hills, with many other survivors.    Mike’s story is here, for those of you who are interested.  It’s well told, humble, and real.  Mike has set up a trustworthy system to raise money for one of the hardest hit Samoan families.  The Taufua family owned and operated the resort that Mike and Zana stayed at.  Mike said they welcomed people to their Lalumanu resort and treated them as if they were family.  These people are in need of some financial support right now as many of their extended family lost their lives during the Tsunami, not to mention their business.  If anyone can even spare five dollars, here’s the link to the the bank account details, which will be open for two weeks. Even a small amount makes a difference.  Says Mike “You can do so anonymously or if you wish to include a note, prayer or blessing for the family or awknowledgement of your donation the email address scarywashingmachine@gmail.com is open and everything will be passed on.”  Mike tells a beautiful story of the good deeds, courage and sheer love of the Samoan people through this event.  The past few weeks events have reminded me to stock up my emergency kit, and to appreciate my prescious family and loved ones.  As the saying goes ‘expect the unexpected’, and just to add to this ‘tell your loved ones you love them as often as you like’.      


Good News Roundup

Isn’t it great hearing about a rescue that went right? A helicopter crew rescued a Swiss National tramper from the Tongariro National Park last week (NZPA).
Something else that’s been going well is LadyHawke’s musical career.  We saw nothing but success from her during the New Zealand LadyHawke Tui music awards last week. Originating from Masterton and now based in London, Pip Brown’s debut album has gone gold in the UK, Australia and NZ.  Here she is on MySpace.  She won six Tui awards (TVNZ.co.nz).
Here’s another award story – American President Barack Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize – judges say they chose him because they found his promise of disarmament and diplomacy too good to ignore (Yahoo.com).

Onto positive matters of the environment, of which there are many:  Hungry? 

Check out this new fruit and food share interactive google map.  It’s been developed by Auckland sustainable grower buff Michael Brendorfer to show where to source free produce New Zealand wide (NZ Herald).

Meet Sirocco the Kakapo. This ‘superstar‘ Kakapo was hand reared and shows no interest in his female counterparts.  He does, however, feel quite at home with humans.  This highly popular You Tube video is laugh out loud funny, despite some concern for the guy with the scratches.    
Lets talk housing – are you in need of some solar-power Solar House 


design  inspiration for your house?  Check out The Zerow House in Inhabitat.com’s piece on the Solar Decathalon, the super solar achitecture competition

More on the subject of innovative building design – in Toronto, Green Roofs have been made mandatoryGreen roofs keep houses cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Toronto has also approved controversial bike lanes (treehugger.com).
It’s a great challenge – what to do with all the electronic waste that our people are generating these days?  Here’s one option – the non-metal components of printed circuit boards are being recyled into asphalt (earthmagazine.org).
Finally, UK company Mootral wants to help reduce the methane produced by cows by using a garlic based extract that would be added to their food (odemagazine.com).


Got another five minutes, check out more good news at:

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