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Ten Ways to Chillax and Have Fun As You Live Your Green Dreams – The ebook – By Charlotte Squire

Submitted by on November 13, 2010 – 2:11 pm 5 Comments

What if you could live the life of your dreams and save the planet, all at the same time?

New! ‘Like’ the facebook page: 30 Days of Fun (and Chillaxed) Green Goal Achievement this April 2011

Hi, I’m Charlotte  Squire.  Once upon a time I thought all environmentalists had to either grow organic food and live off the land, or sail the seas angrily saving whales.  I wanted to help out too, but as neither idea appealed to me, I had no idea how.  Here I am on video talking about the time I spent when I was younger wondering how on earth I could help:

I’m no gardener, I’m happier eating the organic food!  But I love to communicate and I’m an enthusiastic person by nature.  Eventually, after much trial and error, I realised that I represent one of the millions of people with the perfect personality for green change-making!

Through my research, and as the Editor of a website with a huge focus on positive environmental news – www.happyzine.co.nz – I realised that simply by using our natural strengths, plus the skills we’ve developed over time, there are a vast array of ways we can help the planet.

Environmentalism doesn’t need to feel bad, or be triggered by fear or guilt.  It’s time to enjoy ourselves as we help return things to the way they should be. That’s what my new ebook’s all about – encouraging people just like you or me to dare to dream-green, with the knowledge that we’re going to have fun as we turn our dreams into an exciting reality.

Order Your Own Copy of Ten Ways to Chillax and Have Fun As You Live Your Green Dreams Now

“Until recently, I didn’t like sharing my goals and fantasies with other people. I think this was in part because I felt like my dreams didn’t match up with what people expected of me.  How would they react if I revealed that I didn’t aspire to become a top lawyer after five years of university study and two years in one the best graduate law jobs in the country, but rather I wanted to throw myself into the unknown world of community sustainability?” Emily Harris, establishing roof top gardens in Auckland, NZ’s CBD.

“We talked, and talked, and talked. By asking and answering questions about our motivations and what we valued, and listening to each others views, we discovered that we had far more in common than differences. So about two hours, several brews and visits to the toilet later we crunched the gravel with our boots again after deciding to work together for a common cause: to put an end to this logging but if and only if it could be done in a way that looked after the local economy by means of a regional economic
development package”.
Dr Sean Weaver, calmly helped to stop native forest logging on the West Coast of the South Island, New Zealand.

As someone who wants to make a positive difference environmentally, if you’re looking for ideas and inspiration about the powerful role you can play, this ebook’s for you.

Download your copy of Ten Ways to Chillax and Have Fun As You Live Your Green Dreams here.

Que: a list of environmentalists who are already making a positive difference and ask them to share their inspiring words with the world, such as:

Sarah Turner – she’s an award winning green lamp designer, based in London

Emily Harris – she’s bringing roof-top gardens to Auckland’s CBD

Annabel McAcleer – she’s one of the founders and the Editor of New Zealand’s Good Magazine

Dr Sean Weaver – he helped stop native forest logging on the West Coast of New Zealand, calmly

John Knox – he’s cycling Australia to inspire people to create a carbon neutral future

and more …

So take a group of make’n-it-happen environmentalists, then add ten positive thinking tools that they personally use to work their magic such as:

Chapter one: Following your excitement will only lead you to success – here’s how to do it.

Chapter two: Enjoying the process – you deserve to feel good as you create an exciting environmental future.

Chapter six: Finding your soul-mentor – that person who will lovingly inspire you to zoom from A to P and then to Z in a surprisingly speedy manner.

Chapter nine: Communication – how to calmly create profound environmental change.

Add a cheerful little YouTube sound-track featuring some of the world’s most inspiring green musicians, plus some creative masterpieces (see examples in this story)

and you’ve got one exciting ebook to feed your mind and inspire your soul with.

I’ve just finished reading your e-book  over-to-cover (one of the advantages of having some down-time in Adelaide) and I am gob-smacked to be amongst such amazing company! Thank you for including my story amongst these awesome tales – I am truly humbled.
” John Knox, Ride the Talk, Australia.

“There can be so much guilt wrapped up in this greener world we’re moving into –“don’t eat that, it’s not organic,” or “don’t drive to work alone you scoundrel, it’s a total waste”. On the whole, I recommend you stick with what you’re good at, use your strengths, and relax as you build the foundations, structure and material to support your green goal. Your guilt will only get in the way and block your natural brilliance, so don’t buy into it. Just trust your gut and make the positive differences you were born to make, your way. Ninety nine percent of the time, you’ll do the right thing by the planet.”  Charlotte Squire

“Last year I was the adoptive mother of two calves, and in between stints at the computer I would go outside and hang out with them … ok I would cuddle them when they let me; and when they were lying down chewing their cud under the oak tree (which is when they exude the cow-equivalent of purring) was my favourite time; I would wriggle up till I was sitting next to them and totally earth out. This may sound ridiculous to anyone who hasn’t lived with cows but they are extraordinarily calming, grounding animals when they have a good life “I’m chewing my cud; all is well in the world.” I imagine that if everyone could connect with an animal or a tree or simply the earth beneath us more frequently, we would all have more strength, peace, and groundedness to bring to our challenging work in these challenging times.” Rebecca Reider, Academic, Poet, Author of ‘Dreaming the Biosphere’.

“We innately know that we now need to adjust our habits so that they support, rather than take from, our natural environment. And the really amazing thing is that millions of us are feeling the same urge to help bring the planet back into natural balance and good health. Imagine if we all trusted ourselves and got on with it. Just imagine. This planet could thrive.” Charlotte Squire

Order your copy of Ten Ways to Chillax and Have Fun As You Live Your Green Dreams now for NZ$19.95!

Become an affiliate seller of ‘Ten Ways to Chillax and Have Fun As You Live Your Green Dreams’ and earn a 50% commission!

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Ten Ways to Chillax and Have Fun As You Live Your Green Dreams – The ebook – By Charlotte Squire, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  • Lovely! Such a great read – I love the attitude, freedom and humour you have brought to being green. Absolutely wicked!

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  • Rebecca says:

    Yay Charlotte!
    Love the messages you have brought together… and love the illustrations 🙂
    well done lady

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  • Gabrielle says:

    Truly inspirational Charlotte. I found these stories really moving and love your down to earth approach to making a difference.If you’ve ever had a ‘green dream’ this book will motivate and support you to ‘give it a go’ and bring you’re dream to fruition.

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  • Sean Weaver says:

    A wonderful piece of writing Charlotte. Thank you.

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  • Charlotte says:

    Thanks everyone 🙂 It was a momentous occasion – completing this ebook. Now I can finally get these words, that have been waiting for launch for some time now, out into the world.xxoo

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