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Using Our Spiritual Power to Balance World Chaos

Submitted by on March 14, 2011 – 2:21 pm One Comment

By Rose Diamond

The way things are unfolding in the world I’m finding it difficult to hold a clear focus at times. Living with the degree of uncertainty posed by the possibility of another earthquake and the devastating news of the tsunami in Japan, the question keeps arising, what is the most important thing? How can I best use my time, my love, my power? Indeed, what power do I, as an individual have, in the face of so much global chaos?

I came to my computer this morning with the intention of working on my own projects. I am preparing to launch two new initiatives into the world which are the culmination of many years work. That in itself is a big thing; exciting and challenging and requiring focus and commitment. However, when I opened up my inbox I was met by the latest news from Japan and the possible meltdown of the Fukushima nuclear power plant; dire news.

Alongside the bad news was a message from the Oneness Movement, of which I am a part, encouraging us all to send blessings and prayers along with the following healing visualization:

Hold the Fukushima plant in your heart and consciousness and see the nuclear system cooling safely.

1: Visualize water being pumped into the reactor.
2: See the rods in the reactor totally submerged in water.
3. Know that cooling is happening in an enclosed system.
The most potent times to do this visualization joining with a global community are 11am and 10pm EST (4am and 3pm NZ Time). As well, the more often we individually focus and send healing love and intention during the day, the better.

This directive served to remind me that although these times are full of danger, we are powerful spiritual beings, and when we join together to focus and use our imagination, love and intent, our spiritual power increases exponentially. As I see it, this is the challenge being presented to us now. The
Earth is erupting and people all over the world are being shaken from the familiar rhythms and holding spaces of daily life. One contribution we can each make is to hold the energy and vision for positive outcomes and to know that we are each part of something much bigger and more mysterious than any of us can understand.

So whilst here at Paradise Way (yes, this really is the name of the street where I live!) we are putting together our emergency kit for a possible earthquake yet I am not expecting another quake and I am choosing not to feed this prediction with my fear. Instead I am holding a vision for peace, healing and the birth of a whole new world.

It is important to do this not from a place of repressing or denying the fear, but to feel the fear when it comes, to face it, allow it and let its energy flow through the body mind to be released. Every emotion brings information and the information fear is bringing me is: stay open hearted, be alert and ready to respond to whatever happens, stay tuned and follow your intuition, don’t compromise your own truth, every moment is precious, drop the past and love one another.

Here are some simple ways to manage your energy when fear comes:

  • Put both feet on the ground and feel your connection with the Earth.
  • Bring all your awareness into your breathing. Follow the breath in and out with your awareness.
  • As you breathe in imagine that you are breathing in love, breathe love right into your heart. As you breathe out imagine that you are breathing out fear, imagine your fear seeping into the ground and being transformed there.
  • Be aware of any stories fear is telling you and let them go. (This may take some practice but the more you become aware of the stories the more easily you can free yourself from their hold on you.)
  • Imagine you are embracing your fear, as a mother embraces a child. Ask fear what it needs from you.
  • Throughout your day, ask “what is the most important thing now ?”
  • Stay empowered by sending out thoughts of healing, love and peace.

I am offering Soul Sanctuaries, gathering spaces in a chaotic world for visualisation, meditation, processing, inner peace and empowerment in Golden Bay, Nelson and by tele-gathering wherever you are. To find out more please email me: rose@awholenewworld.net


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  • SHanti says:

    Thanks for that!!! I feel more grounded already!

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