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What’s the deal with mood swings? Paul Smetana

Submitted by on March 24, 2012 – 5:30 pm 3 Comments

Now here’s a funny thing!  Here I am, one moment feeling all good and chirpy, and in the next, I’m in the armpit of despair. This keeps on happening, not the armpit, the despair.

Even though I see myself as being a ”know it all” about the ups and downs of life and even having the wonderful access to feeling good at will, the roller coaster of moodiness just keeps on rolling along.

And I’m starting to think that it’s your fault. Did you have anything to do with it. Did you swerve in traffic to drive me deliberately crazy? Did you start mowing the grass next door, because you knew I was home?

Did You set up floods of rain on the one day I’m in the car ALL day long? Well of course you aren’t to blame, although I’d like to think so. It would make everything, easier somehow … Oh well!

So why am I so easily affected. Why do so many things make me mad, drive me crazy, and affect my moods so fast? Is it just me, or do I need to adjust my medication?

Having spent my whole life in the pursuit of happiness, and now able to produce waves of happiness almost at will, I still get driven to distraction by the mood tides. So what’s going on?

So I’ve come up with an idea. It’s the ”Pavlov’s Dog” proposition. Pavlov, as you will no doubt remember, is famous for getting dogs to salivate for no better reason than a bell rings.

My idea is that the flood of moods, magically appears for another astoundingly good reason, with no bells added. I told you I was smart. And while no one rings any bells, they may as well have, because the effect is no less startling for that.

I think that events made us moody, and that they took place a long time ago. And then got repeated many times. And now they are totally linked to a particular mood.

Consider how a loud noise could cause a young child to be anxious. If there was anxiety at the time of the noise, and that combination of event and mood got repeated often enough, that loud noise for the rest of time could continue to cause anxiety.

The noise doesn’t even have to be unpleasant. It may even have been a good noise that got connected to anxiety, like Mozart, or a trickling stream, or a marching band. It doesn’t really matter, because from then on, they’re connected.

Multiply every event we have ever had, to the moods we were in at the time, and you’d find again and again, this weird mood altering magic, so much so that our moods of the moment, seem to come out of nowhere. Hey Presto!

If we can have a phobic reaction to ”Cheese, elevators and hamburgers”, (not necessarily in that order), then we can get huge moods swings from exposure to anything, and something else … Nobody else will have the same event wiring to moods, as you do. Do you see that? Do you???  … Oh well.

So one person will love the dulcet tones of lawn mowers, while another wants to commit murder.  Guess which one is me. One person flourishes under stress, while another becomes cross eyed and hyperventilating. Again guess.

So it seems, we all are lumbered with this history of linking moods with events, it’s a wonder we can function at all. Some might comment, ”You call this functioning?” not me, I’d never say it.  Too polite!

Look, I’m not saying that, ”that’s the way it is”, well actually I am. And, I’m also saying that we can re condition our moods if we wanted to. So I guess I’m not …ehh?

Perhaps, that’s what the whole positive focus movement is all about. Making the change to a better place. Exploring all the very many ways to get a better balance in our moods, and to be more selectively reactive to events, that are more in line with our wishes, or something. I’ll leave it with you.

Happy reading,

About the Author: Paul Smetana writes about Being Touched by Life.  He Feels that, Feeling Good does you and others, a wonderful good!  He has spent most of his life believing that we can have a Life worth Living, Brimming with vitality and Joy.  For Instant Access to Articles, e-books, and Resources on how to “Live Blissfully,”
Visit www.betouchedbylife.com

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  • Pip says:

    There is a lot going on energetically in the world at the moment… Can we deny all the earthquakes, flooding and other bizarre weather patterning? And let’s not forget solar flares and other galactic scale events! It is a lot for the little human body to process, especially the more sensitive of us. I believe the mood swings is a normal part of this process, I for one have been experiencing them intensely myself. Part of this process, is to let it be a process. Let the change move through us rather than hold onto it and let it disrupt and disturb us (this is the theory anyway!), and remember that there are many of us in this together. But hey, I could be entirely wrong, it may all be in our heads 😉

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  • Paul Smetana says:

    Hi Pip,
    Loved your ideas on wayward energies being a real mood swinger. This is a part extention on what Astrology offers us, in that there are influences from tne planets that Wwill move us in all sorts of magical ways. Your idea of the further energies in and out of alignment is a good one to remind us that we are not alone in an infinately large universe.

    My only concern here is the possible problem that people may consider these influences as out of their control, because of tne thinking, who can control the way the universe can act.

    Never the less, sometimes its a good thing to acknoweldge that personal control might be further enhanced in the way you described.

    Warm regards,

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  • Pip says:

    Completely agree Paul! It is easy to feel – especially in times like these that our lives have swung beyond our control… but what better time to learn and understand that the true power lies within, that it really is up to us. Every day I see myself moving closer to this truth; when the emotions come up, I can now smile (sometimes after a bit of a cry/yell/whatever!) and thank them for their lesson. Do you have similar experiences or your own understanding?

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