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Raw Food: Loosing weight and gaining energy – by Sarah Lea

Submitted by on July 16, 2012 – 2:02 pm 2 Comments

The discovery that I was fat was alarming. My body weight had snuck up on me without me seeing the big picture. Of course I was aware I had a fat and thin wardrobe…some days were better than others for the chiffony materials. But the black, stretchy, hide me fabrics were winning in the “wear me!” today stakes.

Still…I thought I had it under control.  Relatively fit, I chose to ignore the fact I was keeping hold of clothes for when I could fit in them again.  Finding it increasingly difficult to find radiantly fun clothes to fit my increasingly oversized body was getting me down. I ate healthily. However, the organic, wholefoods created by my fair hands were supported by binging on yummily made cakes, biscuits by well-meaning mummy mornings. And then deliciously social days at the local vineyard, sitting back and enjoying award winning reds. Yeek!

Watching my yo-yoing friends and family with the latest fad diets didn’t help. Why bother if you just got fat again? Exercise was slowing down as my energy hit an all time low. But that was OK. I had children now. It’s nice to be warm and cuddly for the kids.

My beloved bought me a juicer for valentines. It helped me across to the other side. Preparing freshly extracted juices provided my body with a vast supply of vitamins, anti-oxidants, enzymes and amino acids. Every morning for breakfast I juiced and devoured bowls of fruit salad making me feel bright and fresh. Positive vibrations chipped away the horizontal self esteem and dropping pounds in the first fortnight energised me. Cravings were shown the front door. My days and eyes were sparked with a strength and vitality I hadn’t felt since before my transformation into mama.

There’s nothing like incredible weight loss to keep you feeling inspired and motivated. But with the raw mornings, my attitude also changed. From feeling overwhelmed with lack of vitality and a lower, slower energy I started to see the light. A connection to the natural world, the craziness of westernised programming, I felt full with positive thoughts. Watching how I zinged with life when eating a salad helped me when I couldn’t muster energy to run about having fun with my two year old. And that’s when it became clear. If I ate more natural alive foods, I would feel young, alive and excited.

It’s easy peasy in the early days to get you back to your natural high self. Experience higher energy levels, weight loss, glowing skin and bright eyes. With yummy sweet treats and deliciously ready-made bars lining shop shelves and armed with the knowledge that preparing raw living foods can be faster than the cooked alternative, you can introduce an abundant way of living into your life. Choosing a life-giving smoothie over coffee when out and about, taking the salad option instead of a side of boiled veggies, and kick-starting your day with a boost of life-supporting nutrients in a juice, will create an abundant life where all your dreams will come true.

Kick Start Juice

2 apples

1 beetroot

2 carrots

handful of spinach

1/2 lemon

thumb of ginger


1/ Juice all of the above.

2/ Pour into a glass and delight in the pretty colour.

3/ Drink and embark on your new juicy journey into increased well being and joy.

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  • James Wilson says:

    Rather that getting into dieting, try going vegan as a lifestyle choice. Your weight stabilises at a good level, generally below what you start out at, and your real and feared ailments vanish.

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  • sarah says:

    thanks for adding that James. Totally…keeping animal products out of my diet has helped on many levels…especially where digestion and therefore energy levels and weight loss are concerned.There is of course the animal welfare and the planets well being to add to that too.

    I found that moving to raw plant foods only enhanced my vitality.Having been vegan before, I sensed that there was more around the corner! Cleansing, energy giving and full of life, raw living (add to that seasonal and local)I feel, is the natural diet for our species. Adding raw foods to a vegan diet benefits us with maximum nutrition, protein, flavour, health and energy.I believe that organic raw food is superior than its cooked twin in vitamin content, enzymes, coenzymes, protein, minerals, glyconutrients and many other elements of nutrition. If ‘sticking’ to the ‘diet’ makes us unhappy however…we are getting it wrong. Raw is there to help us live our life more fully, freeing up energy to enjoy ourselves rather than feeling entrapped by another set of diet rules.

    Having said all this, raising children on a vegan diet does require a little extra help..supplementing them for the few but essential elements that are missing or low in a vegan diet.If there are problems with digestion, it could be because vegans can find it hard to digest the quantities needed to maintain great teeth and good dense growth. I find chewing childrens food to give my enzymes to aid the breakdown of food or eating fermented foods such as sauerkraut and kimchee can greatly assist the digestive process. Add to that green smoothies where I can ensure that the children are eating a huge array of greens that when blended are already part digested.

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