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Dreaming our rivers cleaner and greener

Submitted by on August 3, 2015 – 12:36 pm
The Anataoki River - which is NOT the river I'm secretly visualising as it's already awesomely healthy.

The Anataoki River – which is NOT the river I’m secretly visualising as it’s already awesomely healthy.

By Charlotte Squire

Hi there,

Today I want to remind you about the amazing power of visualisation, or imagining things as you’d like them to be, because if more of us used this incredible tool in our lives and for the planet we’d find ourselves living on one abundantly healthy planet and enjoying amazingly cool lives.

Now I know that if you’re reading Happyzine you’ve probably heard of this particular super power, and are possibly even using it already, so I want to offer you this blog for two reasons a) to re-inspire you (I need to read something inspiring every day to stay fresh) and b) to invite you to use your amazing super powers on the planet.

My amazing bunk bed triumph … 

Just to get things rolling along I’ll share a wee triumph of mine that I experienced over the weekend.  My son’s room is very small and very messy.  Putting aside the very messy part (I just needed to express that) when he has his friend Huntar over to stay, the poor boy has to sleep on camping mattresses on the floor.  Huntar doesn’t really mind, but I do!  So I started dreaming of bunks, nice wooden bunks.  Now – I have a young family and my husband’s working and we don’t really have the spare cash for new things right now, so I decided to use my old friend: visualisation.  That’s visualisation without a ‘z’ American spell check!  That’s ’cause we’re in New Zealand ok?!

So I sat there, for many evenings, after many bedtime stories, imagining gorgeous wooden bunks in his room.  I really got into it.  I imagined all the ways we’d have to change his room around, I saw where I’d put the pictures and where we’d build some new shelves for books.  I also got into the new colour scheme.  And I could feel it, but I wasn’t attached to it.  In fact I didn’t think about it unless I went into his room.

So yesterday my husband announced he’d found some bunks for us.  They came easy, when he was helping out a friend.  I was astounded and mightily impressed.   Call it coincidence if you will (but we know there’s no such thing as coincidence right!?), and my husband did look at me with that familiar bemused expression when I yelled that I’d been visualising bunks (!!), but I know those bunks came about thanks to my brilliant powers of making nice images in my mega powerful mind.

And onto the river part … 

Another project I’m working on is visualising a certain river (that shall remain nameless) thriving, leaping, zinging with good health.  I’m talking fish leaping for joy and sweet smelling river that animals simply must drink from.  I’m not going to say which one it is here in the Shire (Golden Bay) but let’s just say I’ve already received intel suggesting my amazing super powers are having their way. Oh yeah!  Watch this space.  I’ll celebrate with a picture and full disclosure once I have my un-wicked way and that river is pronounced officially swim-worthy by my friend Claire Webster who does the water testing for the Tasman District Council.

So!  How ’bout you take on this challenge and apply your super powers to a river near you?  The trick is to keep doing it, when ever you think of it, for as long as it takes.  Oh and keep the faith: you are not allowed to give up.  Let me know how you get on, OK?



PS I actually wrote an entire ebook about this called Ten Ways to Chillax and Have Fun as You Live Your Green Dreams.  Email sometime over the next week (until Monday 10th August 2015) me if you want a copy and I’ll send you one for sweet free-ness: charlotte@happyzine.co.nz

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