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Water, air and being happy – by Dunedin naturopath Francisca Griffin

Submitted by on March 19, 2016 – 4:00 am

Francisca GriffinBy Francisca Griffin, Naturopath

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Our bodies, just like Planet Earth, are composed of around 65 % water. Did you know that our amazing bodies also have every element found on Earth in them! Mind boggling, isn’t it?

Water intake can be the most overlooked aspect of our daily lives – we often do not realise we are dehydrated – is your thinking fuzzy? Are you constipated? Do you get headaches? Are you tired for no good reason?  Are you on a diet and not achieving your goals? You could well be not drinking enough H2O.

Now to the tricky questions of how much? What type –  Tap water? Filtered water?  Should it be bottled? Mineral water? Alkaline water?
How much? That depends upon your body mass – how much of you is there? what is your activity level? is it hot today where you are? You should be drinking enough so that your urine is straw coloured.   1200 – 1800 ml is a good daily intake. You will need more if it is hot, you are exercising, if you work in air-conditioning, you are drinking coffee or carbonated drinks (these do have water in them of course, but they are diuretic, so will encourage more water out of your body than you are putting in)

Now, what type? Tap water can be perfectly adequate, as long as the city you live in has good filtration systems in place, however –  filtered tap water  is much better – use a filter that removes heavy metals, Aluminium, and Chlorine, if your filter is too good, you will need to ‘dose’ your water with sea salt & bicarb.

There is plenty of discussion on the inter webs about bottled water vs filtered & tap water. My take on that is – why put more plastic in to the recycling stream? And then there is the fact that plastic deteriorates over time – and molecules can enter your body – not good!   Get yourself a stainless steel water bottle, it’ll last years, and fill it with filtered water
Long term use of alkaline water can have a deleterious effect on your digestion. It can, however, be used short-term to aid detoxification.

Adequate intake of water can help your skin, it will plump up. It will be able to do its job of temperature control better as well – through sweating.
Your kidneys will work better – and kidney stones will be avoided.
Low blood pressure is aided by good water intake.
Your intestinal system will work better with enough water going through, thus constipation will be avoided, this is because your Colon takes water from stools for the body to use.
Your foggy brain will disappear – thinking will re-appear

Breathing – Read more.


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